Church History

The people of St. Cloud gathered for the town’s first religious service in the lobby of the uncompleted St. Cloud Hotel on September 12, 1909. By the following week, they had organized a Union Sunday School, so named because of the multi-denominational group of citizens it represented who had banded together during the town’s earliest days.
One month later, the Union Sunday School organized a Union Service, appointing officers to secure meeting places, collect donations, and engage pastors to preach at services. Eventually, they moved to the Tribune Building, to a school house, and to a home on Massachusetts Avenue. It was there, at the home of Mrs. Cora Hyre, that First Church of St. Cloud was founded on December 12, 1909, by members of the Union Sunday School and Services, including 18 Baptists.
By November 1912, the first permanent church building was erected at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and 11th Street. The first service was held there on November 7, and the church continued to meet there for the next 55 years. On June 23, 1934, the church drew up Articles and was officially incorporated.
Growing pains prompted the move in February 1967 to the present building on Highway 192, still close to the heart of the city. More than a building, First Church of St. Cloud is a congregation dedicated to Christ by serving the community. Outreach to families, children, prisons, and nursing homes are among its local ministries. Additionally, the church has been a meeting site for various organizations and events, a Disaster Evacuation Center, a precinct poll location, and a meeting site for Boy Scouts. It has hosted the local National Day of Prayer observance on several occasions. Leading mission trips within the U.S., Bolivia, Peru, and beyond and supporting missionaries around the world extend the congregation’s ministry beyond St. Cloud.
During its 100-year history, First Church of St. Cloud has faithfully connected people to Jesus Christ — exalting God in worship, explaining God’s eternal truths, offering Biblical fellowship, exercising members’ spiritual gifts, and expressing God’s love to those without Christ.